Nexus Natural Gas is the result of a two year journey by a small group of businesses to create a CNG filling station in Northern Erie County. These companies sought to remain competitive and take advantage of the low cost, high efficiency, and reduced emissions of natural gas as a fuel source. The goal of Nexus is to provide easy access of natural gas to commercial and personal vehicles alike, who share the desire to use a cleaner, greener, and more efficient fuel source.

Nexus Natural Gas Participating Ownership Partners:

Triad Recycling and Energy Corporation,


Triad Recycling & Energy opened our doors in Tonawanda, NY in 2011. Our facility is primarily dedicated to the recovery of construction and demolition debris. Both mechanical and manual separation techniques are used that result in a wide variety of materials being recycled to end markets. Triad is continually committed to exploring new markets and opportunities for additional recovery and recycling of materials.

We recycle all types of construction and demolition debris. This includes wood, drywall, asphalt shingles, metal, cardboard, glass, siding, plastic, job site clean-up, etc. We are conveniently located on River Road in Tonawanda, between Sheridan Drive and the Grand Island Bridge. We offer easy access for all types of trucks and trailers, shorter wait times, competitive prices and friendly service.



Guard Contracting ,

GCC logo

Guard Contracting is recognized as WNY’s most dependable and responsive waste hauling company. With a variety of container sizes and delivery options we are confident that you will be satisfied with our service. Guard Contracting uses a hook lift rolloff system that allows us to place dumpsters in locations that are unreachable by traditional cable trucks. This system also helps us ensure the safety of your property. Our professional drivers are fully licensed and insured making every effort to show that customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Guard Contracting has been a leader in WNY’s efforts towards responsible waste management for over 20 years. With today’s ever growing concern in regards to the environment, Guard has continued to strive towards landfill diversion. Guard Contracting is proud of its contribution to LEED Certified projects in WNY and has diverted thousands of tons of debris from landfills each year.  Recycling waste material not only saves our planet’s resources, it saves time and money.



Swift River Associates,

Swift River Associates Inc.,  a NYSDEC registered solid waste management facility since 1992, has four locations in WNY. The four locations are: 4051 River Rd. Tonawanda , 561 Pavement Rd. Lancaster, 560 56th St. Niagara Falls, 460 47th St. Niagara Falls. SRA accepts the following materials: uncontaminated concrete, asphalt pavement, brick, soil, rock and uncontaminated unadulterated wood. SRA downsizes, crushes and screens the waste materials and recycles the materials. The recycled materials are used by highway and paving contractors and a variety of builders involved in the construction of parking lots, sidewalks, subdivisions, commercial and industrial sites and residences. For special purposes, SRA carefully separates valuable paving materials it receives, primarily Medina sandstone, granite curbstone and brick. SRA crushes these materials into premium decorative mulch, for use by landscape designers and contractors. SRA also sells a variety of landscape boulders. Swift River Associates, Inc is proud of its recycling efforts and its contribution to LEED Certified projects in WNY and has diverted millions of tons of waste materials from landfills. Let Swift River Associates Inc. help your project achieve zero landfill status.

Speed Global Services

Speed Global Services logo
SPEED Global Services is a worldwide logistics and supply-chain solutions provider, who’s headquarters is located in Buffalo, NY. With a company owned fleet of trucks, servicing both regional and national routes, SPEED is proud to partner with Nexus Natural Gas. Capabilities extend past trucking, SPEED offers 1,000,000+ square-feet of warehousing, in-house customs brokerage, the region’s best international freight forwarding team, and a full array of 3-PL solutions.

Pariso Trucking,

For the last 45 years Pariso Trucking has met the needs of the construction, industrial and municipal industries with a variety of trucking services.   30 dump trucks and 8 tractors move aggregate stone, gravel, dirt, blacktop, salt, contaminated soil, snow and most anything that can be hauled in a dump truck.  We offer turnkey service to contractors who do site work from finding dump sites for excavation to providing quality, competitively priced aggregate for all types of construction.  Highway, commercial and home building contractors call us for the most economical and stress free methods to complete all their hauling needs.  Pariso Logistics maintains key partnerships with many owner operators expanding our capability to over 100 trucks on the road as well as quick response to the ever changing needs of the construction industry.   Tractors with dump trailers allow us to move larger quantities of aggregate at the most competitive delivered price.

Pariso has flat beds, Lowboys, Landoll, and stretch trailers to move heavy equipment for contractors, industrial users as well as equipment dealers.  With the most experienced and efficient Lowboy drivers in the region you can count on Pariso to get your equipment on the job quickly and safely.  Over size and overweight moves are not a problem as we can obtain all permits, escorts and route surveys needed to move anywhere in our region and many states in the North East US.

Before digging call Pariso Trucking.  You will be glad you did!!

Niagara Metals,



Niagara Metals is a locally owned scrap metal processing company with four locations in WNY. We recycle over 500 million pounds of raw materials annually which greatly minimizes the drain on natural resources and reduces our carbon footprint.  Our team of 50 employees utilize shears, balers, lifting magnets, and grapples to process items such as structural steel, pipe, rebar, copper, aluminum, stainless, and brass. The processed material is shipped to steel mills and foundries throughout North America for remelt.

Niagara Metals strives to provide the highest quality of service in a safe and environmentally friendly manner

O and K Truck Repair