Tuesday, September 1st, 2015, 12:10pm

Nexus CNG station media report





From left to right: Nexus Natural Gas representatives with Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
Tracey Lukasik-Hochfield; Town of Tonawanda Supervisor Anthony Caruana; New York State Assemblyman Robin
Schimminger; New York Power Authority Community Relations Manager Lou Paonessa; and National Fuel Vice
President of Business Development Donna DeCarolis


Nexus Natural Gas, LLC, a consortium of 7 regional companies, today unveiled the first
collaborative, public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Erie County, located at
380 Grand Island Blvd. in Tonawanda. The CNG station will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week,
and will provide natural gas to CNG vehicles in a self-serve manner with credit card and fleet
card payment methods.
The $2.85 million project was supported through a $570,000 grant from the New York Power
Authority (NYPA).

Nexus Natural Gas, LLC is comprised of Triad Recycling and Energy, Guard Contracting
Corporation, Speed Global Services, Niagara Metals, The Pariso Companies, O&K Truck
Repairs and Swift River Associates, Inc. The fueling station was opened in partnership with
Clean Communities of Western New York, Cobey Energy and National Fuel.
“The Power Authority’s capability to award power proceeds funding to businesses in Western
New York stems from legislation signed into law in 2012 by Governor Cuomo,” said Gil C.
Quiniones. “The completion of this project is a prime example of the impactful economic
development benefits that the Niagara Power project provides.”

“Our consortium is comprised of forward looking transportation companies and we believe that
converting transportation fleets to compressed natural gas not only makes sense economically
but also environmentally,” said John Hannon a partner at Triad Recycle and Energy. “We are
grateful for the support of New York State, NYPA and National Fuel in building our fueling
station and urging our elected officials to develop public policy that enhances the usage of CNG
for truck fleets and vehicles.”

According to Nexus Natural Gas, compressed natural gas fuel can be used only by CNGspecified
vehicles, including light-duty trucks and sedans, taxi cabs and medium-sized trucks,
and larger commercial vehicles, such as heavy-duty trucks, UPS delivery vans and buses.
“We are excited about reducing our costs and becoming more competitive with our recycled
concrete products,” said Ken Rawe, Vice President, Swift River Associates, Inc.
“As one of the partners of Nexus and Maintenance Chairman of the New York State Motor
Truck Association, I am constantly looking at technologies that can help our industry survive
various regulations that often drive up the cost of doing business,” said Sulev Oun, Owner, O&K
Truck Repairs Ltd. “I am confident this station will serve as a catalyst in keeping fuel costs at
check and providing much-needed infrastructure to supply commercial and consumer demand
for compressed natural gas.”

“Natural gas offers many advantages over conventional petroleum products, and is produced
here in the United States,” said Anna Marie Cellino, President of National Fuel Gas Distribution
Corporation. “Compressed natural gas is the smart and affordable choice for fleet vehicles,
transit buses, school buses, waste disposal trucks, delivery vehicles, and more. We are excited to
be a part of this initiative that makes this alternative energy source readily available throughout
our region.”
To date, thirty four states throughout the U.S. have at least one public natural gas fueling site and
there are currently forty CNG stations in New York State. According to the U.S. Department of
Energy, compressed natural gas is a renewable, domestically produced alternative fuel which
increases energy security due to its abundance in the United States.

Compared with conventional forms of fuel like diesel and gasoline, compressed natural gas produces
the fewest levels of emissions and contains significantly less pollutants.

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